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Phoenix Fire Protect Development GmbH

You are looking for an innovative firefighting system? Then you are looking in the right place! This is because the Phoenix firefighting technology offers you an entirely new dimension of fire protection and represents a sustainable investment in the future.

How does that work? Phoenix practices the principle of the so-called “total floating”, i.e. full coverage water mist of entire areas to be protected. Similarly to gaseous extinguishing systems, the flames are smothered by oxygen displacement during a fire. Directly compared to sprinkler systems, the need for water is lowered to at least 1/50, and compared to similar (not: identical!) water mist extinguishing systems to at least 1/8. In addition, the Phoenix system requires significantly less effort during installation, materials and Surface. The standard for the dry conduit system is stainless steel.

Due to limited availability of resources and changes in customer awareness regarding sustainability, economical use of water and raw materials is, next to the high efficiency and safety of operation of the equipment, an absolute selling point for Phoenix in the competition.

Please test our performance - we are happy to work with you on a protection concept that is an optimal fit for your needs. Phoenix as a producer develops, plans, produces, installs and maintains complete systems - all under one roof!


The main advantages of the fire suppression system based on high pressure spray

  • High flexibility in the consideration of operational logistics requirements
  • Leaching of toxic gases by up to 75%
  • smoke particle binding up to 97%
  • Limiting the increase of the heat release rate in the event of fire at the ceilingand around the source of ignition to well below 50 °C
  • Improved escape route protection
  • Savings in structural fire protection (Elimination of fire walls, fire-resistant glazing, flue gas flaps etc.)
  • High efficiency and operational safety
  • Minimal water consumption
  • Low extinguishing water storage
  • Avoidance of extinguishing water damage
  • Low installation and assembly costs
  • Piping network and nozzles in standard stainless steel quality