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Functional structure with a system

Complete solutions for your safety.

Low pressure water mist

Low-pressure water mist systems work with an operating pressure of up to 16 bar. They allow the use of conventional sprinkler components and are ideal for a variety of industrial and public spaces. The extinguishing nozzles fit into almost any type of surface thanks to the different surfaces and paint finishes, thus ensuring the aesthetics of your environment. Depending on the application and protection goal, closed nozzles with a thermal release element or open nozzles can be used. We plan and install individual, stationary and automatic low-pressure water mist extinguishing systems adapted to the respective protection goal. For this we work exclusively with the Danish manufacturer VID Fire Kill.


  • High extinguishing effect with low water consumption
  • Fast reaction and thus extinguishing time thanks to a pre-controlled system via fire alarm systems
  • Harmless to people and the environment

Sprinkler System

Sprinkler systems work automatically based on a network of pressurized pipes and sprinklers within a building. The sprinkler is closed by a release element (glass tube), which bursts in the event of a fire from a specified room temperature and thus releases the pressurized extinguishing water. The water thus flows through the sprinkler and is distributed over the entire area via the spray disc. Sprinkler systems are often used in public buildings, sales outlets, office buildings, industrial plants or event venues. We plan and install your sprinkler systems according to local conditions and carry out regular maintenance.


  • Targeted extinguishing of a fire with water
  • Natural extinguishing agent
  • Different sprinkler types such as umbrella sprinklers, side wall sprinklers or ESFR sprinklers

High pressure water mist

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FLEXBASE® is a high-pressure system and therefore an alternative to the above firefighting systems. Due to the high water pressure of over 16 bar, there is a very fine water mist and a large reaction surface for firefighting. For this purpose, a previously defined and self-contained protection area is equipped with the pipe network and the associated nozzle technology. The installation is done in the classic way on the respective surface on the ceiling and, if necessary, on the walls. Pipe network and nozzles are regularly made of stainless steel quality, the fastening material as well on request.


  • Low extinguishing water storage
  • Avoidance of fire water damage
  • Low installation and assembly effort

An entirely new dimension of fire protection:

Phoenix firefighting equipment

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