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Functional structure with a system

Complete solutions for your safety.

The standard system

Highest safety by the latest technology

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Flex Base is the fundamental pillar of the Phoenix firefighting system. A previously defined, closed area to be protected is equipped with the conduit system and the associated nozzle technology. Classically, assembly is done on the respective surface of the ceiling or of the walls if necessary. As a standard, conduit grid and nozzles are made of stainless steel, which is possible for the fastening material as well if requested.

The machine protection system

Highest safety by the latest technology

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Flex Grid is a machine protection system that may be installed either to supplement the Flex Base system or as a stand-alone solution. The name Flex Grid here stands for flexible possibilities to connect individual (production) machines along a conduit grid. The modular system assembly allows for the highest possible flexibility during organizational restructuring of the enterprise.

For invisible assembly

Highest safety by the latest technology

Flexin Logo

Flex In is a special Phoenix application, especially well-suited for buildings that are protected as historical monuments and for customers with extraordinary requirements regarding the design. The conduit system is installed in a concealed way, e.g. in suspended ceilings or even under plaster. Only the nozzle heads remain visible, the substructures of which are located in special revision sockets that allow for simple and quick maintenance.

An entirely new dimension of fire protection:

Phoenix firefighting equipment

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